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The Employees of Custom Powder Systems

May 2016 | Posted in Employees

Dale: We have great people. I can tell you why I know that's true because every time someone comes in that's new to our organization that takes on a new role, particularly a supervisory role, the first thing they say to us is, "Wow! You really have o… Continue Reading

Springfield, Missouri, is a Midwest Gem

May 2016 | Posted in Springfield

Denise: Springfield is one of those gems in the Midwest that people don't know much about.

Dale: We probably have 35-40 similar fabrication houses in Springfield that do stainless work in fine grinding and fine finishing so it's a haven for this sort … Continue Reading

Our Safety & Wellness Programs

March 2016 | Posted in Safety

DeAnn: We're proud of our safety program. We have a DART rating of a 0.78, which is well below the industry standards for this industry. Our employees, not only is it safety, but it's safety and wellness, so we concentrate on every area of an employe… Continue Reading

Cleaning Systems

February 2016 | Posted in Cleaning Systems

Bob Luebbe: We don't make an out of the box cleaning system. We try to go in and really make something repeatable and validatable is the term that we use all the time but it really has to be for cleaning, right. You don't want any kind of opportunity… Continue Reading

Bins for Food and Pharma Manufacturing

January 2016 | Posted in Bins, Solutions

Bob Luebbe: All bins are not the same. They're all different. There's many different types, styles, configurations.

Scott Heffern: When you get into the realm which we play in, the food applications and the pharmaceutical, there's still a lot of nuanc… Continue Reading

Blending Solutions for Food and Pharma

January 2016 | Posted in Compact Single Pedestal Blender, V-Blending

Scott Heffern: Our wheelhouse and blending is IBC blending, containment blending, many different words for it. We make many different types of blenders. We make V-blenders, double cone blenders, kind of the old standards, check blenders.

Where we real… Continue Reading

Integrating Systems

January 2016 | Posted in Solutions

Bob Luebbe: Many years ago a system was one or two pieces of equipment put together. What we do now are really bring a whole lot of different pieces together. It used to be just a bin and a blender or a bin and a discharge station, a bin and a fill s… Continue Reading

Why You Should Consider CPS for Your Material Handling Needs

October 2015 | Posted in Drum Massager, E-Z Down, Lyo Cart, Solutions

You should consider Custom Powder Systems for your material handling needs. We're much different than other companies that work in the same business. You come to us, we guide you through the process. We customize our equipment to what you need. We ju… Continue Reading

System Maintenance

October 2015 | Posted in Maintenance, Parts, Solutions, Support

Custom Powder Systems should be your people doing your maintenance on all types of material handling equipment. We're the specialists in that industry. At Custom Powder Systems, we feel the key importance of a good maintenance program is for us to co… Continue Reading

Benefits of Working for CPS

October 2015 | Posted in Employees, Employment, Training

At Custom Powder Systems we've got a wide range of job needs we need to fill, probably more so than a lot of companies in town. We're going to need welders, fabricators, grinders, people specializing in passivation of products. We've got a heavy need… Continue Reading