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The Employees of Custom Powder Systems

May 2016 | Posted in Employees

Dale: We have great people. I can tell you why I know that's true because every time someone comes in that's new to our organization that takes on a new role, particularly a supervisory role, the first thing they say to us is, "Wow! You really have o… Continue Reading

Benefits of Working for CPS

October 2015 | Posted in Employees, Employment, Training

At Custom Powder Systems we've got a wide range of job needs we need to fill, probably more so than a lot of companies in town. We're going to need welders, fabricators, grinders, people specializing in passivation of products. We've got a heavy need… Continue Reading

Denise McIntosh on the Employees of Custom Powder and Integrated Systems

September 2015 | Posted in Employees, Integrated Containment Systems


Our employees of both Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems are what I would describe as artists and it doesn't matter if they are designers of the equipment or they are the engineers of the equipment or the conceptual sales peopl… Continue Reading

Custom Powder Systems: Working as a Team

August 2015 | Posted in Employees, Solutions


We've got a particular product for a customer and it's a compact blender that is pneumatically actuated. We've been going through some design bugs in the process of putting this thing together -- a lot of new learning. And as we've worked through th… Continue Reading

Custom Powder Systems: Our Employees

August 2015 | Posted in Employees, Solutions


Everyone is very willing to support each other. It's a tight-knit bunch. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone has an appreciation for their roles in terms of the collective good. One of the nice things about a smaller company is they're not as comp… Continue Reading