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We Can Help Keep Your Employees Safe

July 2016 | Posted in Customers, General, Safety

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Here’s a Sample Of What We Can Do for You

July 2016 | Posted in General, Solutions

Here at Custom Powder Systems, we are able to tailor any system to fit your specifications and solve your problems. Watch as Bob demonstrates the workflow of a sample system at this year’s Powder Bulk Show.


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Bins and Blenders: Making Material Handling Easy

July 2016 | Posted in Bins, General, Maintenance, Solutions


We always enjoy interacting with potential clients at the Powder Bulk Show! Here’s some information Brad shared about our bins and blenders, and how our technical team can help you save money with product servicing in the future.


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From Conception To Final Product: We Do It All

July 2016 | Posted in Customers, General, Solutions


What sets Custom Powder Systems apart? Sales representative Marvin Royal believes it’s our strong focus on customer service and creative turnkey solutions that gives us the edge. Filmed live at the Powder Bulk Show!


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Our Future

June 2016 | Posted in General

Dale: We really wanted to use our skills to build the best company anybody had ever worked in, or us, and the rest of the people we had join us had the same thought process. We want to be the best company, the best place we've ever worked. We want it… Continue Reading

Custom Powder Systems: What We Do

August 2015 | Posted in General


We build equipment for food and pharmaceutical companies. When companies have problems, when they can't figure out what they need or where they need it, then we're the people that they call to come in and be their heroes. Have to figure out what the… Continue Reading