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Custom Powder Systems: Working as a Team

August 2015 | Posted in Employees, Solutions


We've got a particular product for a customer and it's a compact blender that is pneumatically actuated. We've been going through some design bugs in the process of putting this thing together -- a lot of new learning. And as we've worked through th… Continue Reading

Custom Powder Systems: Our Employees

August 2015 | Posted in Employees, Solutions


Everyone is very willing to support each other. It's a tight-knit bunch. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone has an appreciation for their roles in terms of the collective good. One of the nice things about a smaller company is they're not as comp… Continue Reading

The Integrated Containment Systems Product Line

August 2015 | Posted in Integrated Containment Systems, Solutions


We have a lot of different applications. They drive the product. Like, for example, aseptic. Aseptic products are products that are injected into your body. We make Lyo Carts for that. We make isolators for that. We make sterile test equipment for t… Continue Reading

Setup and Training

May 2015 | Posted in Setup, Solutions, Support, Training


When Custom Powders Systems builds a machine for people, either we do it here at our facility or at their facility. We set the machine up and make sure it operates properly. Then we offer training to their personnel so they understand how the machin… Continue Reading

Drum Massager

May 2015 | Posted in Drum Massager, Solutions


Custom Powder Systems makes a product called a drum massager. It has two sets of C-shaped arms that come in and compress the drum. There's a turntable that turns the drum, compresses it again. It raises up, does additional compressions, and cracks u… Continue Reading

Parts and Component Sales

May 2015 | Posted in Parts, Solutions


The Customer Powder Systems focus when working with a customer on replacement components is understanding what components could be used for a wear application. It may not be something that is damaged or broken, but customers should understand how qu… Continue Reading

Transfer Cart - Lyo Cart

May 2015 | Posted in Lyo Cart, Solutions, Transfer Cart

If you have a facility with unclassified hallways and you need to transfer product or vials or anything from a classified area to a filling area, passing through an unclassified area, the transfer cart (Lyo Cart) will help you solve that problem. Cus… Continue Reading

Creating Solutions Start to Finish

April 2015 | Posted in Solutions

Basically, there's a lot of us that have a lot of experience. Me, over 30 years of experience in dry material handling. We rely on that. We rely on that in making a good product. From the design meeting, we develop a detailed, what we call, specifica… Continue Reading

Give Us Your Headaches

April 2015 | Posted in Parts, Solutions

Well, when we hear that a customer has an issue, we want to start with understanding how they got there. We like to help focus on the problem at hand, and addressing the problem at hand starts with understanding what created this issue. If a customer… Continue Reading