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Bins and Blenders: Making Material Handling Easy

July 2016 | Posted in Bins, General, Maintenance, Solutions


We always enjoy interacting with potential clients at the Powder Bulk Show! Here’s some information Brad shared about our bins and blenders, and how our technical team can help you save money with product servicing in the future.


Bob: Hi this is Bob Luebbe. I'm senior vice president with Custom Powder Systems. We're here at the 2016 Powder Bulk Show in Rosemont, Illinois. We've got some really exciting things to show you.

Brad: We do material handling and it's all focused around the idea of our bin, as you see here, and then the using that bin to move it around the facility and also incorporate landing techniques, lifting techniques, discharge techniques and all focused around that bin being the main containment. It utilizes a lot more of the same equipment instead of moving from one ribbon blender to a discharge system and back and forth. Reduces the amount of cleaning and so on and so forth.

We also have so many other products that go along with that is the blenders that we use whether it's a ground level, side pedestal blender, double pedestal blender or if we incorporate that into a column lift situation we can actually do our blending at an elevated position.

Those column lifts then slew in the place and actually rotate over another product line. It really is the idea of how do we make this container do exactly what the customer wants.

We also not only create this product but we're big on our customer base and being contacted for servicing. We are always there and available. We have a technical team that's always ready to send someone out so we're going back in an helping them design pieces that'll fit in. Not buying a whole new blender, buying a new cradle that will hold their bins and make it work just like it did initially because all the drives and motors and gears and so one and so forth are still good.

We help them keep things in service without investing in things they don't necessarily need.

Bob: That's a little bit about what we have to offer for the 2016 Powder Show. If you have any questions or any solutions that we can help you with please check out our website.