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Bins for Food and Pharma Manufacturing

January 2016 | Posted in Bins, Solutions

Bob Luebbe: All bins are not the same. They're all different. There's many different types, styles, configurations.

Scott Heffern: When you get into the realm which we play in, the food applications and the pharmaceutical, there's still a lot of nuances that need to be known by the manufacturer to deliver right because you can't have crevices, inclusions, voids as part of your manufacturing process.

Of all the equipment we make, the bin is still probably 80% of the product contact service of any given train we do. You have to have a lot of attention on that, on that bin.

Bob Luebbe: Should every company be using this type of bin? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they're using them because they've had them for thirty and forty years, which is pretty unique to what we do. One of the reasons we like to go to a facility is to look at what you're doing. We're not there to change something, we're there to enhance what you're already doing and make it more productive.

A unique application we've done for bins, is in the chemical world, is in toners. Think of the different colors through copy machine toner or women's makeup. One of the companies we've worked with does that and they've gone from changing colors, always starting with a lighter one and working your way dark. We've been able to make some unique applications for filling, discharging, and handling those types of things where it's more cost-effective for them to just buy additional containers and separate them to eliminate that worry of cross-contamination.