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Compact Single Pedestal Blender

September 2015 | Posted in Compact Single Pedestal Blender, Solutions

If you're in the pharmaceutical industry the cost of your floor space is much greater than it would be for some of the other industries we serve. A special interest to you would be our compact single place to blender that takes 25-75% less floor space than a traditional double pedestal blender or other types of IBC Blenders.

We have one client who's using our compact single pedestal blender in a unique situation where we put the whole drive unit behind a wall. Typically there is plenty of space back in these mechanical areas where this drive would be. In their case they were essentially trying to get this blender to fit within the wall thickness. Without going to our compact version, if this wouldn't have existed, they would had to totally redesign all their hallways because it would encroach on the workspace on the other side of the wall. It worked wonderfully for them.