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January 2016 | Posted in Solutions

Bob Luebbe: Many years ago a system was one or two pieces of equipment put together. What we do now are really bring a whole lot of different pieces together. It used to be just a bin and a blender or a bin and a discharge station, a bin and a fill station. Now it's filling, it's blending, it's discharging, its containment. All types of companies, regardless of their product, can really benefit from containment no matter if it's an ice tea or a hot chocolate. They all want to do a specific process. They want to move the material safely. They want to contain it. They don't want to spill anything of it. They want to do it cost-effective obviously, and the less amount of hands that are on it is better for them.

What really sets us apart in my opinion, from other companies, are that we do that integration. We really get involved with the people on the site. We want to go to the site and really dig into what they're doing. Not to say that it's right or wrong, but to say this is how we can improve it. You're going to get better yields. You're going to have less cleanup time. You're going to have a better product at the end. That's what we do. That's what sets us apart. We're not a standard. We don't just make these five or six things. We make five, six, or ten things off of those five or six things that we do. Custom Powder Systems will work with you to make what you're trying to do a reality or tell you that it's not going to work.