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October 2015 | Posted in Maintenance, Parts, Solutions, Support

Custom Powder Systems should be your people doing your maintenance on all types of material handling equipment. We're the specialists in that industry. At Custom Powder Systems, we feel the key importance of a good maintenance program is for us to come in and do the preventative maintenance so that you can plan your shutdowns then, so that in the middle of your production shift, you don't have a part that's been worn or neglected that takes you out of the time you can't plan for.

There's a lot of companies out there that do maintenance. Our big difference is the people come out and do the maintenance or do your service. Our people are some of the highest level of employees in the company. George Pitt, for example, he has 35 years experience in the industry. He's been salesperson, designer, and he's got a mechanical engineering degree. It's people like that that make the difference.

We always get callbacks for those people because they do a tremendous job. Most companies, you'll find, the maintenance people are usually the low end of the totem pole, usually at the starting positions. We're not that way. We have our people aspire to be maintenance people. You've got our wonderful equipment. You need maintenance, give us a call at Custom Powder Systems, and we'll take care of your needs.