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The Employees of Custom Powder Systems

May 2016 | Posted in Employees

Dale: We have great people. I can tell you why I know that's true because every time someone comes in that's new to our organization that takes on a new role, particularly a supervisory role, the first thing they say to us is, "Wow! You really have outstanding people."

Denise: They are helpful and they're willing to step up and step in. We've had people for 10 years who will spend nights and weekends here getting product out the door to make a customer shipment. I like to think we treat our own people as well as we treat our customers. That's why they've stayed with us.

Dale: Part of our plan, our grand plan, was to come up with some sort of a way to leave this to them and that's still in the process. We want to reward the people who have helped us along the way. They are great. Everybody here, that we've had around here for 10 years, they are incredible people. They are the company.

Denise: They are us.

Dale: They are the company.