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When You Don't Want the Green Tablets Mixed with the Red

September 2015 | Posted in Segregation, Solutions


A customer came to us with a problem: prevent the different colored tablets from getting into the wrong line so that you don't have a bottle of all red tablets and you've got one green in there.

We went to their site. We listened to them, asked questions, went out on the floor and that day started taking measurements to look at putting one of our RAB systems in. The challenge is trying to keep a small tablet from getting through a barrier that goes up and over a machine, another machine, goes over equipment and goes around pipes. You could think of all the nooks and crannies that could be created because of that.

We brought our crews in, installed it. Really, for them, the most time they had invested with us was explaining the problem, listening to our solution, audit and signing the p.o. That was the extent of their time.