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Why You Should Consider CPS for Your Material Handling Needs

October 2015 | Posted in Drum Massager, E-Z Down, Lyo Cart, Solutions

You should consider Custom Powder Systems for your material handling needs. We're much different than other companies that work in the same business. You come to us, we guide you through the process. We customize our equipment to what you need. We just don't sell you model A or model B and hope it works for you; we make sure that it works for you. We go through the details to find what your installation requirements are, what your utilities are and especially the unique things that you don't find off the shelf in places.

I always say we've got a core product line of lifts, blenders, you name it, but it's very infrequent that we ever sell what we would call a standard version of it. We always do some customization to it just to enhance the product for your application, and it's in our name, Custom Powder Systems.