Custom Powder Systems


Maintenance and Parts

What happens after the installation of a Custom Powder Systems® system?  What if a customer has questions or is struggling with some aspect of implementing the system?  What happens when you want to add options or change your present process, or it’s time for system maintenance or replacement of a part?

CPS customers gain the benefit of a customer support network.  They never have to be uncomfortable or uncertain that they’re moving in the right direction when it comes to a  CPS system.

Custom Powder Systems® has helped many customers in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food and chemical industries and that experience counts.  One call to CPS helps customers feel assured that CPS has the right component and exactly what’s needed to solve the challenge at hand.  The replacement parts division is set up to provide best in class support to our customers.

From design to final fabrication we confirm that our equipment meets your expectations when arriving at your site. This effort provides a high level of assurance for validation executions as well as a seamless transfer to your operations team.

Once you have a Custom Powder Systems® system in place up and running, you are just one phone call away from a solution.   The person who answers the phone will get some more information, do some research, get with the technical group and have them contact you. That way the end user, the one that actually has the issue or the problem can discuss it  with a service technician, engineer or programmer.   They are the folks that have most likely dealt with a similar situation or may have programed it originally. It’s helpful to know that customers can call that main number and from there CPS will help with the rest.

Services offered:

  • Annual service/maintenance contracts
  • Equipment inspection, repair and service
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Evaluation of PM program to assure it meets OEM specifications/requirements
  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • Replacement manuals
  • Equipment upgrades or rebuilds

Custom Powder Systems is not limited to servicing their own equipment, and can and have serviced, repaired and upgraded other manufactures’ machines.

To learn more about our services, Please call 417-868-8002 and ask for Technical Services.