Custom Powder Systems



The parts replacement department at Custom Powder is somewhat like a classic old-time local hardware store, helpful and fully stocked with solutions.  Clients frequently call Custom Powder Systems® (CPS) not knowing any details about older equipment that may even predate their tenure with that company.  By reaching out, clients can make use of CPS’® experience and knowledge to track down the component that needs replacement or repair.

Occasionally, this equipment doesn’t contain a commonly available component.  Some parts have to be tracked down, especially on some older pieces of equipment. Oftentimes, a little detective work is required to learn more about these pieces of equipment and determine the components that went into them even 20 years ago However, CPS® has had great success with this particular aspect of customer service.  In fact, some clients start out needing assistance with a replacement part or repair but are so satisfied with the customer service provided; they turn to CPS® for future projects.

Custom Powder Systems® not only services their own equipment but also repairs and maintains containers and other pieces of equipment manufactured by other groups that have not lived up to expectations.  With experience and expertise, CPS® can reverse-engineer a malfunctioning machine. They communicate with the customer, decide what is needed, and then help them create questions to get these answers. Starting from the beginning helps to find the fix that’s needed in the end.

Current solutions to old problems – yet another benefit from The Art of Engineering at Custom Powder Systems®.


At Custom Powder Systems®, engineers rely on an integrated approach to solve even the most complex challenges.  And in the replacement parts division, manager Brad Clary is able to rely on that knowledge and experience at CPS ®, whether it’s part of the sales team or the guys who actually build the equipment.  According to Clary, most companies begin and end with only one person speaking to the client.

However, at CPS® , the entire team stays in constant contact with the client to make sure that they’ve got everything they need; from technical support to replacement components and anything else under that umbrella. The engineering team, sales force, parts division and support staff all work together to provide resources to solve challenges. Clary believes this to be one of the strengths of CPS®.

The team approach to innovation and integration means that while a client may have only considered one or two solutions, the team from CPS® may come away with options three and four that hadn’t previously been considered. Project design at CPS® is backed up with implementation and installation.

What if the customer’s equipment wasn’t built by Custom Powder Systems®? They will not be left high and dry. CPS® will work with customers through the difficult “I’ve got these part numbers but I need this component” stage. Their parts replacement department excels in fixing what’s broken, no matter who made it. CPS® can find the right part to make it work.

More options for better solutions – yet another benefit from The Art of Engineering at Custom Powder Systems®.


Every piece of equipment shipped from Custom Powder Systems® ships is accompanied by a complete owner’s manual. Truth be told, it’s much more than just a manual.  CPS® provides all information and documentation necessary for a successful start up of any system they design, build, and install.  Employees of CPS® clients - those on the floor interacting with the equipment on a daily basis – have reported benefiting from these manuals and documents.

In addition to creating custom equipment, CPS® also assembles a customized package for each system. Every turnover package comes complete with a comprehensive parts list, material test reports (MTR), and material certification. 

Rather than building individual pieces, CPS® often constructs large, complex systems to address their customers’ challenges.  For example, it’s not unusual for a bin to go into a blender followed by a column lifter with material transfer handling.  CPS® customers appreciate having the customized manual on-hand to help incorporate each piece of the puzzle.  CPS® gives their customers confidence that they will never have to waste valuable floor time tracking down information.  That information comes with the system.  Customers are assured that the team at CPS® knows their system inside and out and provides the service and parts to keep their equipment running smoothly.

Support and information - yet another benefit from The Art of Engineering at Custom Powder Systems®.


What happens after the installation of a system from Custom Powder Systems®? 
What if a customer has questions or is struggling with some aspect of implementing the system?  What happens when it’s time for system maintenance or part replacement?

With the exceptional customer support network at CPS®, customers never have to be uncomfortable or uncertain about the operation of their system. One call to CPS® helps assure customers that they have access to the right components and information needed to solve the problem at hand.  The replacement parts division provides outstanding follow-up and support on an as-needed basis.

CPS’® experience and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry gives them keen insight into finding solutions to the industries biggest challenges. They know that a higher polish will be required, along with different grades of stainless steel and a accelerated number of final preparation stages to make the customer’s validation process a little bit easier.

Once you have a CPS® system in place, you are always just one phone call away from a solution.  After intensive research and discussion, a member of the technical crew will return the call to discuss the issue one-on-one with the customer. It’s gratifying to know that customers can call one main number and CPS® will help with the rest.

Access to help and assurance of a solution – two more benefits from The Art of Engineering at Custom Powder Systems®.