Custom Powder Systems


Special Products

Drum Massager

The Drum Massager offers a unique solution to remove hardened product from drums or boxes.

The patented system has multiple sets of massager arms that compress the sides of containers to breakup product for easy discharging.  A rotating lift platform raises and turns the container to allow for multiple compressions on the container sidewall.


“When my company was faced with the challenge of finding a solution for breaking up hardened raw materials in fiber drums, Custom Powder Systems stepped up to the challenge and designed a Drum Massager unit for us.  We purchased a stainless steel unit that met our sanitary requirements and we chose the PLC control option which makes the unit very easy to operate using the touch screen HMI.  Our new unit has performed very well, and I have received many compliments from our technicians because this new machine has made their formulation process much easier.”

Erik Klahn
Process Engineer, Product and Process Development
SAFC Biosciences

IBC Laydown Station

A tilting frame is actuated by air cylinder to tilt an IBC from an upright position to a horizontal position. The tilting movement can be stopped at any point between upright and horizontal. The station can be used for inspection, valve maintenance and positioning for IBC washing.  IBC can be loaded into the station by Pallet Jack, Fork Lift or Walkie Stacker.

Laydown Station is operated by a pair of pneumatic cylinders and includes an operating package as described within the specification table below: