June 2019 | Custom Powder Systems

Finding Inspiration through Da Vinci

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Custom Powder Finding Inspiration Through Da Vinci

From a 21st century perspective, one might look at the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci and conclude he “stumbled upon the inevitable.”  His original concepts, ranging from tanks to parachutes, appear “obvious” in hindsight.  But Leonardo wasn’t working with hindsight. All he had was the limited resources of 15th century Europe and his curious mind. 

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Should STEM Evolve into STEAM in Our Schools?

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Custom Powder Systems STEM vs STEAM

At Custom Powder, we spend an inordinate amount of time applying art to science. As a result, we’ve taken a special interest in the current (and often heated) debate to introduce art into the concerted efforts for more primary and secondary education in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Should STEM evolve into STEAM in

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A New Negative Pressure: Burnout

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CPS Engineer Burnout

As we continue to develop our reputation for aseptic isolation, we’ve learned a thing or two about containing negative pressure… and its many forms. In our shop, we use this focus as a regular reminder to consider and address the other kind of negative pressure: Stress and frustration and, specifically today, burnout: the negative pressure

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CPS Celebrates National Hug Your Cat Day

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CPS Hug Your Cat

There is a long-standing tradition between engineers and their love of cats. Maybe it’s a fascination with how they always seem to land on their feet. With June 4th being National Hug Your Cat Day, it’s the ideal time to celebrate cats, engineers, and the relationship that they have together. Our company’s President, Mac McIntosh,

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