August 2019 | Custom Powder Systems

Another Engineer Obsess—err, Hobby: Pinball Machines

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When engineers aren’t “engineering,” you’ll often find them building, tinkering, and inventing. Most engineers spend their days within a structured framework, but they’re always on the hunt for a creative outlet. Today, we profile Scott Heffern, Senior Vice-President of Products, about his after-hours obsession: Pinball Machines. At Custom Powder Systems, we call upon our engineers

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Napkin Sketches – The Story of Compaq Computers

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CPS - Napkin Sketches

A firefly enters your field of vision and you reach out to grab it.  But as quickly as it appeared, it vanished.   Ideas are just as fleeting. Ideas are known to dance just out of reach when you look for them.  They sneak up on you in the shower. They come into existence fully formed

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