June 2020 | Custom Powder Systems

Another Engineer Obsess—err, Hobby: Squirrel Defenses

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Here at Custom Powder Systems, we’re always on the lookout for creative applications of practical absurdity. Because we’re so often faced with constraints (space, time, budget, gravity, etc.) in the projects our clients bring us, we try to hire engineers who look at problems outside of work with the same obsessiveness intensity as they do

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CPS Abides: Embracing Constraints to Adapt and Thrive in this Ever-Changing World

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In nearly every way, it was an F-A-T like any other… we demonstrated the functionality of the new, custom, dry material handling blender as the client looked on. We walked them through every step of its operation and answered their question, and the meeting ended with a successful test. Except… in one major way, it

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Our Customized Platform Lifts Will Elevate Your Operation

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There are hints of lifting devices dating back to the time of Archimedes. Leonardo da Vinci, our kindred Renaissance spirit, drew up elevator designs. Steam-powered elevators would haul lumber and coal in the 19th century. It would be years before people thought about hoisting people in these machines…and this kind of engineering ingenuity is behind

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