Our Story

Our guiding principle, “Do the Right Thing”, applies to our clients, employees, and the greater community.

It’s the reason we enjoy +80% repeat
business year after year.


It all began with two people wanting to start a company that was, above all else, simply a great place to work.

After many years of being in the workforce supporting other companies, Dale (Mac) and Denise McIntosh steadfastly wanted their business to be the best job they, their co-founders, and their employees had ever had – an idea which, to this day, is still their biggest core principle.

And, with the help of some trusted colleagues, they made it happen.

How It Started

In 2002, Mac worked alongside Bob Luebbe and Scott Heffern at a fabrication company called Custom MetalCraft, where they continued to deepen their knowledge of the industry. During this time, they incubated the idea of adding a new dry powder-handling section of the business.

As their concept developed in the following few years, they officially acquired one of their most valuable assets: Denise. Her extensive experience along with her positive, go-getter attitude made her the most perfect choice for the CEO of what would eventually become CPS.

Then, in 2005, the group purchased the powder-handling portion of Custom MetalCraft to start their own company, transitioning the assets (including 27 loyal employees) to what was now officially Custom Powder Systems. Over the next several years, the company grew rapidly, showing early signs of great success – a trend that would inevitably continue as time went on.

How It Continued


Where We Are Now

Over the years, Mac and Denise have learned that their strongest assets live in their team members. Without them and their skills, the company simply wouldn’t be in operation. They pride themselves on taking care of their people, no matter what it takes, because it is truly “the village” that has made CPS successful.

They encourage a culture of entrepreneurism, empowering their employees to freely share their thoughts – because that’s how you find the best ideas. Whatever challenge comes along, you make it right, make it work, and do the right thing.

They believe that if their employees are sold on what the company is doing, their clients will too – and they strive to never lose a customer. By trusting and embracing the extensive knowledge of their employees, they know CPS can continue to solve any problems that come their way. 

“Experimentation is a way of life, but it’s a good way of life.” – Mac

Stand-Out Features and Services

  • Our Control Systems are designed and programmed by our In-house Automation Group. All UL and non-UL panels are built, installed, and tested by our in-house UL508A certified panel shop.

  • Our highly-experienced Technical Services Group can respond the same day to any emergency situations should they arise.

  • The CPS Engineering Group uses Inventor 3-D Modeling software allowing customers to virtually “see” the components and systems before we build them in our bright metals-only facility.

  • ISO-modeled Quality Assurance procedures guide our experienced team as we adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Automation Manufacturing Practices (GAMP). Projects may be GAMP compliant if required.

  • Our team-based approach means lots of eyes are put on the URS, and we have the ability to anticipate and address issues before they even occur.

  • We provide numerous options with equipment such as SATs, FATs, and risk assessments.

Our solutions-oriented approach ensures you receive exactly what you’re looking for everytime, without fail.