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“Aseptic” is defined as “free from contamination caused by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms.” But you knew that. Because you’re in the aseptic processing business.

So are we.

In the past, Custom Powder Systems/Integrated Containment Systems would pay aseptic experts to come in and consult with us on subjects such as hydrogen peroxide sanitation of isolators (aka VHP) or to give us guidance on design.

But we quickly realized that these “experts” didn’t know any more about aseptic processes than we did. In fact, we were able to teach THEM a thing or two.

So when it comes to aseptic processing … CPS is the expert.

Aseptic Booth

We know … from beginning to end … what it takes to design, build, test, install, operate, and validate an aseptic environment.

We’ve created custom aseptic systems and even entire rooms of equipment for companies all over the globe. From Iowa to Canada to China and beyond.

From equipment to accessories, we can do it all. And we’ll do it just for you.

Like all of the equipment we design and create, yours will be custom-built to address your particular requirements and manufacturing demands.

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For Aseptic Processing, Custom Powder Systems can:

  • Create any type of environment to perfectly fit inside your aseptic processing.
  • Work with your equipment subcontractors to engineer a properly designed and functional process.
  • Design your aseptic equipment properly so that it operates within FDA guidelines.
  • Conceive, build, sterilize, test, monitor, and validate your equipment.
  • Prepare and execute all your validation documentation so that you can focus on meeting peak production demands.

George Pyck

“Instead of having a staff of 20 people, you come to our company, you tell us what the problem is and we start bringing people together to solve the problems.”

 -George Pyck

Senior VP Technical Services


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