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Custom Powder and Integrated Containment Systems, we came together as a team and we teamed on the project. We had a customer, which was Dr. Reddys. Obviously we’ve done a lot of projects with them over the years, but they approached us needing a QC Isolator for doing the testing of their powder material. They needed a transfer for taking drums of product and transferring that drum of products into IBCs so that the bins could be blended and mixed with the active products they were running and then we also, as a rule, we put away a dispense isolator and a co-milling operation.

When it was all said and done, we went from the beginning from the QC side where they had to test it, sample it, that type of stuff to the point where we were doing the material transfer, bulk transfer and also doing the way in dispensing and then the next part of it was we didn’t manufacture the tablet presses, but we did manufacture the equipment that would actually print the manufacturer’s label that would actually be put on the tablet itself. That was important because it all had to be contained, so we came up with solutions to all, which was very a complicated project, but we managed to maintain containment from start to finish in their facility and now they have a good facility to use.

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