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Warning: This page features explicit use of the D-word.

You know … Downtime.

As an engineer in your industry, you understand the importance of maintaining equipment that works 24/7/365.

All it takes is one little glitch and BOOM … downtime.

We get it. Competition is intense. You’re under a lot of pressure. Downtime is inefficient. Downtime is expensive. Downtime can be downright devastating.

You know who else despises downtime? The team at Custom Powder Systems®, that’s who.

When major companies come to us with containment or handling issues, it’s because they know we aren’t going to give them the same old so-called solutions that everybody else suggests.

The world’s largest food manufacturers come to CPS because they know we’re going to give them exactly what they need to fix their problems.

We focus on custom-built equipment that offers:

  • Efficiency
  • Accuracy
  • Reduction of product waste.

We think light years outside the box to find ways to make sure your output equals input.

We do that with innovative ways to safely and securely contain product as it’s transferred from one process to another.

We find ways for you to ergonomically handle ingredients in bigger batches to eliminate smaller containers.

So, how can we help you avoid the D-word?

Maybe you’ve already found the solution to your problem, and you simply need the parts and accessories to finish the job. Click here to visit our extensive products page.

But maybe, just maybe, you know what you need, but you don’t know how to fix it. That’s where our talented team of engineers and designers come in.

We are willing to visit your site to evaluate the problem. Then, we will create a custom solution that works for you … and only you.

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