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What sets Custom Powder Systems apart? Sales representative Marvin Royal believes it’s our strong focus on customer service and creative turnkey solutions that gives us the edge. Filmed live at the Powder Bulk Show!

Bob: Hi. This is Bob Luebbe. I’m senior vice president with Custom Powder Systems. We’re here at the 2016 Powder Bulk Show in Rosemont, Illinois. We’ve got some really exciting things to show you.

Marvin: Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems offers a turnkey solution. We have the opportunity with engineering on staff, automation on staff, that we can help a client from a concept stage all the way through to the final deliverables. A lot of folks in our industry may offer bins, may offer bin manipulation, may offer isolators and containment. We do all of that, but not only the manufacturing of that, it’s also the design concept, to final detail design, approvals from the client, the adding of automation, and then the validation and all the documentation.

We’re a small company in some regards. You might call us a boutique manufacturer. It gives us an interaction capability with a client at a one on one level.The one most important thing I’ve identified with Custom Powder and Integrated Containment Systems is the fact that we have relationships directly with our clients. I mean, relationships are kind of a broad word, right? Relationships could be from having a friendly relationship with somebody, but we take it farther. We have long term relationships that tie our capabilities to their needs in a way that we can adapt.

I would say probably the most important thing that we have to attribute to our success is those relationships. The clients trust us. They come back to us. We have a high level of repeat business. We are growing with other clients, but the bulk of our business is repeat, because we built these relationships and we continue to foster those relationships.

Bob: That’s a little bit about what we have to offer for the 2016 Powder Show. If you have any questions or any solutions that we can help you with, please check out our website.

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