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Here at Custom Powder Systems, we are able to tailor any system to fit your specifications and solve your problems. Watch as Bob demonstrates the workflow of a sample system at this year’s Powder Bulk Show.

Bob: Hi. This is Bob Luebbe. I’m senior vice president with Custom Powder Systems. We’re here at the 2016 Powder Bulk Show in Rosemont, Illinois. We’ve got some really exciting things to show you.

One of the reasons many people turn to Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems are for our system solutions. For example, we can do a complete sweep from bringing the raw materials in; raising them up to a second floor; bringing them into a down flow booth for excipient dispensing, taking the drums, maybe have to massage them so they can get the material out of the drum into a dispensary for milling and sizing, possibly through an isolator; we’ll lift the product up into a blender; we’ll blend the product; we’ll bring it down to a specific suite where we’re doing compression feeding, tableting; and we’ll bring the dirty container up to a holding room; we’ll wash hygienically the bin; we’ll put it into a holding area; and bring it back down and start the process over again.

So that’s a little bit about what we have to offer for the 2016 Powder Show. If you have any questions or solutions that we can help you with, please check out our website.

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