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They were looking for something that didn’t exist.

So we brought it into existence.

An engineering firm for a major manufacturer came to us with a problem. One of the major ingredients for their product was a material that was not-so-nice to be around (to put it mildly). The workers handling that particular component had to be in complete PPE to get into the system in order to make the product.

Custom Powder Systems® found a way to put an isolator around the transfer system to easily introduce that ingredient into their process.

See our custom industrial solutions:

Now, what are YOU looking for?

Custom Powder Systems® will find solutions for your dry powder processing material challenges, such as:

  • Containment
  • Improving efficiency
  • Worker safety from chemical exposure
  • Material transfer
  • Handling issues

Find Parts
Maybe you’ve already found the solution to your problem, and you simply need the parts and accessories to finish the job. Take a look at our extensive products page.

Engineering & Design
But maybe, just maybe, you know what you need, but you don’t know how to fix it. That’s where our talented team of engineers and designers come in.

We do NOT specialize in pre-built systems from an assembly line.

Custom Powder Systems has made a name for itself in the dry powder handling and containment industries BECAUSE we don’t build cookie-cutter equipment.

We are willing to visit your site to evaluate the problem. Then, we will create a custom solution that works for you… and only you.

Here’s some other problems we’ve found solutions for