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In the pharmaceutical industry, a new day brings new manufacturing challenges.

Today, you may be bothered by blending. Yesterday, you were mulling over milling. And tomorrow’s focus will be isolated on isolators.
And just like the products you manufacture, there is no one magic pill to fix it all.

We know. We aren’t in the magic pill business, either.

Custom Powder Systems® won’t try to find a cookie-cutter solution to solve your dry powder handling and containment problems. That would be like taking an antacid for a headache.

Many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers come to us because they know we WON’T try to sell them someone else’s equipment.

We create custom solutions to your unique problems. And we know from experience that unique problems are a daily occurrence in your highly competitive industry.

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From blending to milling, isolators to segregation challenges … we’ve seen – and solved – them all.

Like you, we are hyper-focused on efficiency and accuracy. There is zero room for error.

What challenges are you facing today?

We would love to help you find a solution.

Maybe you’ve already found the solution to your problem, and you simply need the parts and accessories to finish the job. Click here to visit our extensive products page.

But maybe, just maybe, you know what you need, but you don’t know how to fix it. That’s where our talented team of engineers and designers come in.

We do NOT specialize in pre-built systems from an assembly line.

Custom Powder Systems® has made a name for itself in the dry powder handling and containment industries BECAUSE we don’t build cookie-cutter equipment.

We are willing to visit your site to evaluate the problem. Then, we will create a custom solution that works for you … and only you.

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