DownFlow Booths | Custom Powder Systems

The primary purpose of a downflow booth move particulate and/or vapor generated during handling operations down and away from the operators breathing zone.  The secondary purpose is to prevent the release of particulate and/or vapor from the work area inside the booth.


  • Used in applications requiring less than 1>Microgram per cubic meter, 8 hours TLV
  • Wash-down capable with wand and epoxy flooring
  • Internal built-in vacuum system with Bag in/Bag out capability
  • Class 100 airflow with LUWA panel diffusers
  • Total wall exhaust units available for horizontal airflow
  • Materials 316 stainless steel or as required
  • All welded walls with sealed corner coves
  • Explosion proof units available
  • Scale interface panels from Mettler-Toledo
  • Bench scales and floor scales


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Totally Enclosed Downflow Booths are used when mills or other processing equipment cannot be contained within a normal Downflow Booth.  An anti-chamber is provided to allow ingress and egress without allowing product migration out of the main work chamber.  The anti-chamber is used for gowning apparel and PPE prior to entry into the main.   It is also used for disposal of this equipment prior to exiting the area.  In some applications, showers may be used as well.


  • Unidirectional airflow supplied with one or both low wall returns to remove particulates
  • Wash-down capable with wand and epoxy flooring
  • Materials 316 stainless steel or as required
  • Process equipment may be interfaced in the core chamber
  • Windows and doors designed for wash down
  • Explosion proof units
  • All welded walls with corner coves