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For us, building gloveboxes has been, literally, rocket science.

Custom Powder Systems - NASA glovebox

NASA needed to handle moon rocks. This glovebox was the solution we built for them.

Custom Powder Systems produces gloveboxes for any size project—including for the nuclear and aerospace industries, as well as pharmaceutical, electronics, and scientific applications. The one illustrated here was developed for NASA to test moon rocks.

Built by Custom Powder Systems and our SBA-certified WOSB sister company Integrated Containment Systems, our gloveboxes conform to complex customer drawings/specifications, and NQA-1 quality requirements.

  • All equipment is installed, aligned, and conformance tested prior to shipment.
  • Projects can be design-build or build-to-print.
  • Environmental controls and ergonomic parameters will be built to exact specifications.
  • Gloveboxes can be manufactured from stainless steel or customer specified materials.
  • We offer cleanable polished surfaces, chemically resistant PVDF coatings or any other customer specified finish.
  • We have licensed professional engineers.
  • Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems are fully staffed with experienced project managers, schedulers, purchasers, qualified welders, and additional support staff. 
  • Our weld inspectors are qualified to ASNT SNT-TC-1A.
  • Our DART rating is 0.78, and we’re proud to have seven years and counting of no lost-time accidents. 

Give Custom Powder Systems a call at (417) 868-8002 or fill out this short form to start a conversation about how our gloveboxes can take your project to infinity and beyond.

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