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What’s the safest and easiest way to break up hardened product in your drums or boxes? Enter the CPS Drum Massager. No matter the material, our massager can handle it. Discharging has never been easier!

Drum Massager II
Base Model
Drum Massager II
GMP Model

CAUTION: Things You Should NEVER Use to Loosen Hardened Material from Drums or Boxes:

  • Golf clubs
  • Cricket bats (for our European customers)
  • Sledgehammers
  • Your mother-in-law

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Things You SHOULD Use to Loosen Hardened Material from Drums or Boxes:

The Drum Massager from Custom Powder Systems.

That’s it, really. No other viable solutions remain. Because Custom Powder Systems has created the perfect way to easily and safely remove the hardened product from your drums or boxes.

The CPS Drum Massager’s unique patented system utilizes multiple sets of massager arms that compress the sides of containers to break up product for easy discharging. A rotating lift platform raises and turns the container to allow for multiple compressions on the container sidewall.

SAFE drum unloading.

No crowbars required.

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