We don’t guess. We test.

  1. Once a piece of equipment is mechanically ready and wired, we take over the machine, check inputs and outputs, make adjustments (if needed), and subject it to our exhaustive testing process.
  2. Bugs are revealed, researched, and rectified before the machines are shipped to your facility.
  3. Once delivered, our Technical Services team will be on-site to supervise and assist with the assembly, wiring, and network connectivity of your equipment.
  4. We then turn the machine over to you for conditioning. If you prefer, we can assist in the conditioning process to ensure the first blend comes out correctly or that the system or dock station is discharging properly.
  5. A site acceptance test is performed to confirm the equipment is bolted down, all parts are together, and all devices are adjusted and running perfectly.
  6. We then run your system through automation to test every element:
    • Did the automatic mode run?
    • Does the manual mode run?
    • Do the lights come on?
    • Does it dock?
    • Is the machine doing everything it was designed to do?
  7. CPS will also provide you with a detailed document describing the operation of your equipment.
  8. We leave you with with quality, custom-built, specialized equipment and the knowledge and confidence to operate it.