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Industry: Pharmaceutical


On August 27th, 2009 received an inquiry from Impax Labs regarding an IBC that was critical to their startup but hasn’t ordered yet.  The scheduled startup was for four weeks away and they needed the IBC on site no later than September 21st; a three week window to develop approval drawings, detail, release, fabricate, polish and put on a truck by September 17th. 

We quoted the IBC two hours after we took the call from George Tremper. We received the PO on August 31st and submitted an approval drawing the next day on September 1st at the same time ordered materials in advance of receiving formal approval; a necessary risk we chose to take to meet the projects critical timeline.  The drawing was approved later in the day.  We shipped the IBC on September 16th, one day sooner that promised, which allowed our customer to save a substantial amount of money by being able to use ground transport instead of an air shipment was originally thought to be needed.


On September 2nd, a few days into the IBC project described above we received another call from George Tremper of Impax with a greater challenge – to build design and build a large isolator in just over 3 weeks based on a concept sketch he and Ray Bettencourt had just finished.  The critical ship date had to be Sept. 25th for the Isolator to arrive in time to be set in the room and tested. We had the quote in their hands before noon the next day (September 3rd) and received their verbal approval PO just after 2:00 and the hard copy PO by 3:00pm.  We had our project kickoff meeting the following morning on Sept 4th to plan this expedited job and had the approval drawing out for review.  To met this highly aggressive schedule we proposed to Impax approving the drawings is modules; first the door design submitted September 4th, then the polycarbonate main shell on Sept 8th followed by the base assembly showing the previously approved modules integrated on September 10th.

On September 23 George arrived at our facility to inspect and witness a smoke leak test on his new isolator.  Please with the results he approved the inspection and we were able to ship the unit on September 24; again one day ahead of the aggressive schedule.  Our early shipment again saved Impax the high cost of air freight since the extra day allowed tome for ground transport.

A Word From The Client

"Thank you much for responding to my requests in a timely fashion. This kind of Customer Service goes a long way. I have known CPS for a long time and I have never been let down by CPS. So, I am used to your Customer Service. Someone asked me how I am able to get such fast responses from CPS. My answer to that person was. THAT'S HOW CPS OPERATES. Thank you again for such great service."

- Vinod Shah