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At Custom Powder Systems, we understand the importance of keeping your employees out of harm’s way. As Dan explains at this year’s Powder Bulk Show, we can provide you with creative solutions for making your system flawless and safe at the same time.

Bob: Hi, this is Bob Luebbe. I’m Senior Vice President with Custom Power Systems. We’re here at the 2016 Powder Bulk show in Rosemont, Illinois. We’ve got some really exciting things to show you.

Dan: I think one of the things that our company does best is to ask the customer and listen well to what their needs are. We are always probing, always asking questions about how they have to process their material. How they get from A to B.

We had a particular customer come to us with two product challenges. One was material that’s pyrophoric and would heat up to 500 degrees when exposed to air and another one that was highly sensitive to humidity. What the customer was trying to do was to discharge material from the drums in a safe manner that didn’t expose them to air or didn’t expose them to humidity.

In both cases, we used a drum inverter that would invert the drum automatically and dock to a cone that would then discharge all self-contained. The entire system worked flawlessly for the customer, so it’s really exciting and fun to work with cases where you’re protecting workers from harm and giving them a solution that no one’s done before. They really are unique solutions that match exactly what that customer needs both in the way the equipment’s configured and the way it matches their facility. No ones ever built it before and we configured it in a way to do that.

Bob: That’s a little bit about what we have to offer for the 2016 Powder Show. If you have any questions or any solutions that we ca help you with, please check out our website.

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