The Art of Engineering

We specialize in providing tailored solutions.

Custom Powder Systems is a leading provider of solutions to transport, contain, blend, and process dry materials for additive, industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and nuclear manufacturing. Our Integrated Containment Systems division provides barrier technology of enhanced containment for dangerous components and/or barriers to protect product from outside contamination. We are expert in customizing these products and design innovative solutions target to each of our clients unique needs.

The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

Our capabilities do not stop at stand-alone equipment;
we are a major provider of integrated “turn-key” custom systems.

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The Art of Engineering is a podcast dedicated to telling the stories of incredible engineers who all share something in common: They’re women.

Host Denise McIntosh, CEO of Custom Powder Systems, knows firsthand the unique challenges women face in this industry and discusses them with her guests.

Articles and Resources

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Accidental Invention: Implantable Pacemaker

A truly life-changing invention, the implantable pacemaker has revolutionized the cardiology field and enhanced countless patients’ lives. Surprisingly, the implantable pacemaker’s origins are rooted in an accidental discovery, a tale that underscores the serendipity often found in scientific breakthroughs.

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