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Column Lift
Column Lift

Only the Best!—Clean electric drives with silky smooth precision actuation mechanisms. No leaky hydraulics or jerky pneumatic movement. All direct coupled sealed drives eliminate chain adjustments and maintenance

We provide an array of Column Lifts designed to precisely transport IBC’s, Drums, and V-shells. Receivers are available with configurations to meet your requirements. The PLC control package is available with push button station or optional OIT. Our column blenders offer an advantage to lift your product to the desired height and precisely mix according to the customer’s recipe. The Optional Slew (Rotational) drive available as manual operation or powered via OIT. 

Spare Parts: We highly recommend ordering spare parts at time of equipment purchase due to current extended supply chain lead times. Spare parts kits consist of typical wear parts by equipment type with detailed part selection confirmed shortly after client drawing approval.  The spare parts list will be provided for review and discussion with our spare part specialist to identify any adjustments desired based on client’s unique needs and usage.


Column Lift
IBC Column Lift
LM C1 1D Final
IBC Column Lift/Inverter Drum Lift
LM E 1F Final
Utility Lift Weigh Hopper Lift Screening/ Mill Lift
LM B 46198 Genentech Platform Lift1
Platform Column Lift
Drum Tipper
LM C2 Vector Bowl Lift 4 2 2008 005 C
Column Lift/Inverter Fluid Bed Bowl

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Here are download versions of product specifications and information.

Column Lifts are the work-horse of the CPS product line allowing for lifting, placing, and docking in the most demanding applications. 

Column Lifts are used to elevate and accurately place bins drums, tanks, and other equipment. Easily place containers over tablet presses, encapsulators or process tanks, or elevate containers between plant floor levels.

The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

Our capabilities do not stop at stand-alone equipment;
we are a major provider of integrated “turn-key” custom systems.

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