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Metal Powder Packaging

Pyrophoric Material Dispensing System Custom Powder Systems’s Innovative Metal Powder Packaging System Custom Powder Systems, Springfield, Missouri, has proudly introduced its latest innovation in powder

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Plenum CLeanroom plenums A plenum is a self-contained unidirectional flow module, designed to meet requirements for cleanliness levels of ISO Class 5 or better. The

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Drum vs IBC System

Drum vs IBC System A. Versatility – Column Blender Best A pedestal blender is a single purpose machine that can only blend. A column blender

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Blending Type Comparison

Blending Type Comparison Pedestal Blender Column Blender Pedestal Blender (PB) vs. Column Blender (CB) A. Versatility – Column Blender Best A pedestal blender is a

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Hopper for Transfer Systems

Containment Blending

Containment Blending Overview The concept is simple. The same Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) that is used for shipping and storage is also used for blending.

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Large Blending

Tip Speed Blending

Tip Speed Blending Tip Speed – Establishing Optimal Blending Speed   Tip speed (angular velocity) is a constant that can be used to establish an

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Containment Tool Box

Containment Tool Box The potency of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in OSD (Oral Solids Dosage) formulations has been increasing for years and the number of

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EZ Down Systems

EZ Down Systems Custom Powder Systems announces dramatic yield increase through use of anti-segregation technologies. A unique solution improves yields from less than 75% to

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R1 SAW Module 2 Front Corner

See the SAW Difference

See the SAW Difference Error Free. Smaller Space. Increased Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Serialization. We believe there’s no reason for new DSCDA serialization rules to

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The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

We do NOT specialize in pre-built systems from an assembly line.

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