metal powder packaging

Custom Powder Systems’s
Innovative Metal Powder Packaging System

Custom Powder Systems, Springfield, Missouri, has proudly introduced its latest innovation in powder handling – the Metal Powder Packaging System. Designed to meet the unique challenges of dispensing and packaging large volumes of metal powders, this cutting-edge system promises to redefine efficiency and precision in the additive manufacturing landscape.

The issues of traditional dispensing processes are addressed through a seamless transition from bulk manufacturing lines to a manual dispensing step, where precise quantities are weighed out into smaller containers for shipping. Leveraging a manual conveyor and integrated scale with digital readout under the discharge tubes, the system delivers unparalleled measurement accuracy.

The design prioritizes safety with a vacuum exhaust filtering system, which maintains a clean and controlled environment throughout the packaging process. Easy access is facilitated by a lift-up gull wing door design, while in-feed and out-feed airlocks actively prevent cross-contamination, and a manual-control inerted environment helps preserve product quality.

The Metal Powder Packaging System finds its primary application at the end of manufacturing processes, where atomized products are blended, screened, and dispensed into containers for distribution. High purity powders for industries such as aerospace and medical fields stand to benefit significantly from this design.

It is engineered for environments where contact with oxygen is restricted or undesirable, safeguarding the integrity of metal powders, and offers optional features for automation and modification based on industry-specific requirements. By mitigating the risks of oxidation, static discharge, and off-gassing, powders maintain their quality throughout the packaging process.

This system can be customized with a host of available options including:

Standard Features:

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • In-feed and out-feed airlocks
  • Integrated scale with digital readout
  • Lift-up gull wing door
  • Manual control inerted environment
  • Manual conveyance
  • Manual dispensing
  • Vacuum exhaust filtering

    Features Available as Upgrades:

  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Automated lidding systems
  • Automatic bottle filling
  • Automatic bottle indexing
  • Bottle clamp for securing lid
  • Bottle labeling systems
  • Custom sizes
  • Drum dispensing through floor
  • Fugitive dust collection systems
  • Humidity monitoring
  • IBC charging system
  • Internal accessory ports (for additional equipment)
  • O2 monitoring
  • PLC environmental controls
  • Polished welds
  • UL certified panel

    Other Features

  • Explosion Proof/ATEX/IECEx Ratings
  • HMI Touchscreen Controls

    Additional Information

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