C4A Blending – IBC Shell SP Blender Ortho
Heavy Duty Single Pedestal IBC Blender
Small, Laboratory, Medium and
Large Scale Blending and Mixer Solutions

The concept is simple. The same Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) that is used for shipping and storage is also used for blending or mixing.

• Total product containment

• No cleaning is required on the blender. The IBC is cleaned off-line

• No cross-contamination

• Fast blending

• Less ingredient segregation

• Increased process flexibility

• Often referred to as IBC Bin Blender or IBC Tumble Blender

Blending Options

BL A1 IMG 0436
Top-Bench Blender
Drum Blender
BL A2A Lab Blender Free Standing
Laboratory Blender
BL A2B Mini Blender retouched
Mini Blender
C4A Blending – IBC Shell SP Blender Ortho
Heavy Duty Single Pedestal IBC Blender
blending comparison
Single Pedestal Compact
Hybrid Blender
blending comparison
IBC Column Blender
BL E3B 3H Final 4 11 13 1
Twin Shell Column Blender
BL C blend large B
Double Pedestal Blender
BL E3A 3G Final scaled 1
Fixed IBC Shell Blender
BL D2 Double Cone BLender
Double Cone Blender
BL D1 V Blender 2
Twin Shell "V" Blender
BL DESIGN BUILD Ortho 2nd 4000L Blender with Lift
Custom Build

Interested in product information?

Here are download versions of product specifications and information.

C4B Blending Fixed Shell V Blender 2

How It Works

Tumble blending is a dual-action blending principle. The first blending action is produced by a wave as the material is tumbled. This wave (or shear plane) occurs in the top ¼ of the product load. The second blending action is produced by the cradle orientation. The IBC is held in the blender at an angle to position the IBC horizontal center of gravity 20° from the Blender tumbling centerline. This geometry places the IBC shell walls at cross flow producing angles to the blend axis, acting as baffles as the product is tumbled.

IBC Blender Benefits

Dry powder blending is simplified when you use IBC blending that reduces blend times and requires no between batch cleanups.  Since products contact only the IBC, you benefit from total product containment, immediate product changeover and zero blender cleaning.  You also eliminate airborne and cross-contamination, product segregation and spillage risks.

Overview of IBC Blending Benefits:

Key Features

BL D2 Double Cone BLender

The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

Our capabilities do not stop at stand-alone equipment;
we are a major provider of integrated “turn-key” custom systems.

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