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The original IBC Containers (Intermediate Bulk Container) was made from plywood in 1937 for the storage and handling of flour for the milling industry. After WWII the Seattle area originators formed a partnership with Beatrice Steel Tank in Nebraska. The first metal containers were made from aluminum in 1948. The side door design allowed for the discharge of almost any powder including those with poor flow characteristics.

CPS has a registered manufacturing Number “M5730”. It allows us to design and build Dry material handling Bins labeled as CFR49 UN11B Group Y DOT Title 49 Compliant, for Hazardous and Regulated materials shipping over the highway system.

A pivoted hopper discharge was designed to match the bin’s door area and was used for 2-3 years until a new tilting discharge hopper design improved the sealing and dust control. The tilting discharge or stationary hopper was used for many years and worked very well until the bins became dented and worn making them hard to seal.

Bottom discharge units were also designed using a transition hopper from the rectangular body down to a discharge valve. This design virtually eliminated the problem of dust control and allowed for the discharge to close against the flow of product.

Additional Containment Solutions

BN C1 Alum Pallet IMG 9341 copy
Aluminium Pallet
bin top closure components Image 2
IBC Top Closure Bin
BN A1 Side Door bin large C
IBC Side Door Bin
IBC Containers
IBC Hopper Bottom
BN Design Build bin large C 2
Inverting IBC
BN B7 IPS Open Top Vats
IBC Open Top

Interested in product information?

Here are download versions of product specifications and information.

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Basic Features

IBC Containers are also known as Bins, Hoppers, Vessels, and Totes… Bins and Bin Systems are the industry standard for powder handling and processing applications where close containment is required. Custom Powder Systems will custom design to meet your specific requirements:

  • Close containment
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Off-line storage and testing
  • Quick batch changeover
  • Repeatable, homogenous blending
  • Modular design for ease of transport and versatility

New! Aluminum pallets to solve the static, breaking, shedding, staining and cleaning issues with plastic or other materials. Pallets can be customized to your size and operation requirements. Cost effective with residual scrap value.

Spare Parts

We highly recommend ordering spare parts at the time of equipment purchase due to current extended supply chain lead times. Spare parts kits consist of typical wear parts by equipment type with detailed part selection confirmed shortly after client drawing approval.  The spare parts list will be provided for review and discussion with our spare part specialist to identify any adjustments desired based on client’s unique needs and usage.





Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Industrial

Volumetric Capacity

Total waterfill volumetric capacity is XX Ft³.

Blending Capacity

Blending capacity is XX Ft³ if filled to 2/3 of the total water fill capacity as we recommend for proper blending.

Stacking Positioners

None OR Stacking features are provided on each of the four IBC top corners to facilitate stacking IBCs two (2) high

Top, Body & Hopper Gauge

12-Ga. (.1046”)

Base Frame Design

4” Dia. Tubular legs. (304 S/S) with UHMW footpads mounted to legs to prevent floor scuffing. Or formed angle design

Overall Dimensions

42” x 48” base x XX” tall

Clamp Bars

None OR Horizontal 4” tube members are mounted on either side of Bin to serve as an attachment point to the blender.

Hopper Angle

60° Hopper angle.  The hopper transitions from rectangular to a circular outlet.

Fork Channels

None OR  4 way, 7” x 5”

Pallet Jack Guides

Yes OR No


None OR 8” diameter with non-marking wheel.  Two (2) are rigid and two (2) are swivel with brake

Lid Gasket

FDA compliant white EPDM, snap-on mounting

Lid and Clamp Type

18” OR 22” nominal dia. lid with quick acting lever-lock clamp ring

Fill Port

None OR   An 8” sanitary ferrule cap, clamp and gasket is centrally mounted in the lid to serve as a fill port

Accessory Port

None OR   A 2” sanitary ferrule with cap, clamp and gasket is mounted in the IBC top

Vent Port

None OR 2” V2B screen mesh vent mounted by Tri-Clamp connection in top of IBC

Outlet Valve Size

6” 8” 10” 12”

Outlet Valve Style

CPS Clean-in-Place (CIP) OR WCRC tool-less quick disassemble clean-out(of)-place (COP)

Remote Valve Actuator Adapter

Yes OR No

The reason behind the name “Custom” Powder.

Our capabilities do not stop at stand-alone equipment;
we are a major provider of integrated “turn-key” custom systems.

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