Gas to Liquid Catalyst Dispensing System

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Project Overview

CPS designed, build, and installed a two-part system in accordance with client User Requirement Specification (URS). 

System part 1 – Based on a Column Lift that receives steel drums containing solid catalyst raises them two at a time and tips them into a custom-developed Guillotine device.  The Guillotine slices the catalyst into pieces small enough to enter the throat of a rotary mill. The milled product is received into a CP bin (IBC) for transport to part 2 of the system. A CPS modular mezzanine was provided to support all elements of the system as a free-standing solution.  The aforementioned module was built, set up and tested in its entirety at CPS factory before disassembly, packing and shipment to Qatar.

System Part 2– A Column Lift elevate the IBC full of milled catalyst 65 ft to dock the IBC with the inlet of a melt tank.  Once docked, the IBC valve opens to transfer product into the melt tank.

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