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A pedestal blender is a single purpose machine that can only blend. A column blender has the additional capability a lifting axis and slew (placing) axis that offers the additional capabilities.

  • IBC to IBC transfers – One IBC can be placed on the CB with another IBC placed on the floor allowing material transfer to do batch splitting or other related functions.
  • Milling or sifting – a mill, sifter or other such device can be placed under an IBC elevated on the CB. The mill/sifter can be supported from a fixed structure or packaged in a module that attached to and lifted by the CB receiver.
  • Drum to IBC Transfers – A drum module can be used on the CB to handle drums in the same fashion as an IBC. See photo to the right.
  • IBC to Drum Transfers.
  • IBC size range – A column blender receiver clamps on IBC side bars so that the height of the IBC is not important.We have installations that utilize a range from 50 liter to 1800 liter IBC used in the same column blender.A pedestal blender receiver clamps the IBC on top and bottom so the overall IBC height can vary no more than 18”.
  • IBC Inversion – The CB has the capability to lift, invert, lower and unclamp an IBC allowing the IBC to be transported inverted through the facility. This capability is probably not of any present benefit for USL but could be in years to come. This feature is very useful to facilities that deal with high potency compounds that high containment valve technology since allows the IBC to be filled inverted thus eliminating the need for two expensive high containment valves.
  • General – The aforementioned applications of a Column Blender are ones we commonly encounter. The added capability of lifting and slew that a Column Blender offers opens up endless possibilities limited only by the imagination.

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