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It’s no big secret that engineers are particularly obsessive dedicated to their hobbies outside of work. Whether it’s pinball machines or, in this case, woodworking, our engineers get the most out of their natural gifts and talents… Russell Motes is one of our engineers here at Custom Powder Systems. The captions below are his.

This is what happens to all those pallets that I take home from time to time. This is what my projects start out looking like before I mill all of the pallet wood down to usable lumber.
This was a quick little coffee table build…
And some fun little end tables (before finishing, of course.)
A bed frame that I built for my grandson.
A small entertainment center…
…and sofa table that I built for my daughter.
A bathroom vanity for my bathroom remodel project (1 of 2)
The floor is made out of pallet lumber, also. (2 of 2)
A desk I built for my wife.
A outdoor table built for my front porch…
A storage cabinet built for our closet. (for shoes, hats, belts, etc…)
A “Miter Saw Station” (w/ tool storage)… built out of necessity.
Well, I guess I’ve been doing this kind of stuff for a long time, because, the last picture is of me (far left), in our Junior Year (1988) of High School – Vo-Tech cabinet making class.
Man, time flies!
Russell at his desk at Custom Powder Systems… he’s barely aged a day since 1988… 🙂

This wide range of engineering talent is what makes Russell a key part of Custom Powder Systems. (Remind me sometime to tell you about the old church he’s renovating into a home!) When one of our customers encounters a new problem, we turn to Russell and our team to use their skills, experience, and personal passions to come up with a creative way to solve it…

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