The Art of Engineering Podcast

The Art of Engineering Podcast
“The Art of Engineering Podcast” is all about sharing the incredible stories of engineers who have one thing in common – they’re women.
Your host, Denise McIntosh, the CEO of Custom Powder Systems, brings her own experiences to the table and chats with her guests about the unique challenges women face in this industry. And hey, it’s not just a ladies’ club – every now and then, we’ve got some awesome guys joining the conversation too!
In each episode, you’ll get to hear from these amazing women who’ve beaten the odds and risen to become some of the most respected professionals in their fields. Tune in for inspiring stories and insightful discussions!

“There obviously needs to be a change, and how can we collaborate in the different places that we are to help close those gaps, lift up the bottom half and, and sustain it.”

-Denise McIntosh

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“Leadership is critical to success. And the right people leading the company with the right values will always, in my mind, create a better performance at the end of the day.”

- Ann Rhodes

“We need to share these experiences like what we're doing here, so they have the confidence to say, ‘Oh, she did it. I can too, then she can do it better.”

-Lynn Aurelius

Business Development Manager at Bollé Safety

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