Better Mousetraps – The Art of Solving Problems

CPS Mousetraps

At Custom Powder, we have tremendous respect and appreciation for novel solutions to complex problems, as well as the people who create them.

Changing human behavior is, perhaps, the most complex of problems. That’s why we loved this short presentation from Dan Pink on emotionally intelligent signage. The basis of Dan’s presentation is that a sign is more effective if it caters to or encourages someone’s emotions.

This presentation got us thinking about what we do here at Custom Powder. For many of you, your business depends on being able to do something better, cleaner, and with more efficiency than the status quo.

You need a better mousetrap.

There is an age-old question in business about whether it’s better to build or to buy the tools and technology that you need. More often than not, that question can be answered by looking at the focus of your own business and where the money is best spent. If you’re a pharmaceutical company, your time and money are better spent in R&D rather than in building process or containment systems.

The other point in Dan’s talk that we find interesting is the PechaKucha platform itself – the idea that we should all talk less and show more.

There’s a lot of talk that happens in the world. There isn’t enough show.

Maybe you’re a pharma company that needs to keep your process sterile. Or maybe you’re in the cannabis industry and dealing with a wealth of unknowns. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.

Sure, we could bore you with hours of talk, but that doesn’t help you get your job done. So instead, we’d prefer to get down to brass tacks and face your challenges head-on, because that’s what matters to you, and it also matters to us.

When you’re ready to show the world what you can do, give us a call. Let us build you a better mousetrap so that you can focus on what you do best.

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