Custom Powder Gives WINGS to Gifted Children

School Tour

“These kids are the engineers and designers of the future.” – Debbie Clary, Teacher for WINGS program

Custom Powder Systems recently welcomed around 100 students from the WINGS program to tour our facility in Springfield, MO.

WINGS stands for Working with the Individual Needs of Gifted Students. It’s a K-8th grade program that offers weekly classes for over 650 gifted students from public, private, and religious schools, as well as homeschooled children. These classes range from Robotics to Shakespeare to Chemistry to the Science of Harry Potter.

Finding businesses that allow field trips for such a large group of kids can be challenging. So Custom Powder Systems was thrilled at the opportunity to give these gifted students a glimpse behind our wizards’ curtains.

Much like these young scholars, CPS stays on the forefront of science, engineering, and technology. And it’s important for kids of all ages to see how they can put their talents to good use with a career in the manufacturing industry.

We’ve found that allowing kids to see the operations of our facility is the key to sparking their interest in manufacturing and design. By taking these young, passionate people out of their element and bringing them into an environment they’ve never imagined, they light up. We saw their fascination firsthand.

And we read about it in nearly 100 individual, original, hand-designed Thank You notes that we received a few days later.


One item of note: We saw a near 50/50 split of boys and girls that toured our facility. This excites CPS President Denise McIntosh to no end.

Her advice for young girls interested in the field of manufacturing, engineering, and design:

“Learn everything you can learn and if something interests you, pursue it. Doesn’t have to be a so-called “girly job”. If welding appeals to you, pursue it. If engineering appeals to you, and building things appeals to you, go do it. Try it.”

We were honored to welcome these bright, talented WINGS students into our world. After all, these are the designers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers of the future.

Who knows, maybe they will be working for us one day.

Or for you.

If we’re lucky.

We care about our future engineers. Click here to continue the conversation.

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