International Adventures: China’s City of Dalian

When Pfizer needed an aseptic system for dispensing and blending powders, Custom Powder Systems knew exactly what to do. We developed a fully automated system to dispense sterile antibiotic powders from aluminum shipping cans, mill and transport them into vial filling equipment.

We also happened to discover a diverse seaport town loved by Chinese tourists.

The End of the Trans-Siberian Railway

As far as Chinese cities go, Dalian is relatively young. Dating back to Russian colonization in 1898, Dalian became the southern tip of the Trans-Siberian Railway. As a valuable port, it was briefly occupied by the British, returned to the Chinese, then taken over by the Russians until the Japanese seized it from them in 1905. Ultimately, Dilian was returned to China and designated as a special economic zone, granting it more free-market-oriented economic policies.

Dalian is home to universities and tech corporations, but tourists know it for its city beaches. You’ll often find a large number of them along the southern and eastern sides of the Dalian Peninsula. A popular stop is Xinghai Park, where kids and adults alike can enjoy park rides, food stalls, and a perfect view of the great Xinghaiwan Bridge. 

Where History and Future Meet

Although Dalian is a mostly modernized city, one of its oldest sites is the Hengshan Temple. It dates back to the Han dynasty over two thousand years ago and is a serene location with ponds and pathways all around. There, you can find a thirty-foot-tall statue of Avalokiteśvara, as well as many Buddha statues such as the Maitreya Buddha, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Weituo Bodhisattva, the Secret Vajra, and the Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva.

Additionally, back in the city are several major universities including Dalian University of Technology and Dalian Maritime University. Major industrial zones are home to international companies such as Canon, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, and Pfizer.

The Aseptic Powder Dispensing and Blending System

The task Pfizer in China challenged us with was to find a way to get sterile antibiotic powders from aluminum shipping cans milled and transferred into vial filling equipment in an aseptic space. The system comprised of an IBC  blender, a through-wall transfer system, a milling system, proprietary robotic manipulators integration of 3rd-party aseptic robotics.

To this day, this ranks near the top of our favorite projects – partially because Dalian is a city we will always remember fondly and especially the exceptional hospitality of our Chinese hosts

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