Replacement Parts

At CPS, we are in the hero-making business!

The parts replacement department at Custom Powder Systems® (CPS) is reminiscent of an old-time local hardware store. We’re helpful and fully stocked with solutions. We have the experience and knowledge to track down the component that needs replacement or repair.

Occasionally, we encounter a component that’s not commonly available, especially on some older pieces of equipment. That’s when we put on our detective hat to learn more about the equipment and the components that went into them twenty years ago. And we typically track down the parts needed to get the job done.

We, of course, provide service for all CPS® equipment. But we also repair and maintain containers and malfunctioning equipment made by other companies.

Sometimes, starting from the beginning helps to find the fix that’s needed in the end. Especially when it’s a machine we’ve never seen, we can reverse-engineer the system to locate the problem and formulate a solution. We do this by communicating closely with you, the customer, to decide what is needed, and then help you create questions to uncover the answers.

Teamwork Solves Problems

Most companies begin and end with only
one person speaking to the client.


Replacement Parts Division Manager, Kimberly Wallace, and her crew work closely with the engineering team, sales force, and support staff to provide resources that solve tough challenges.

This helps us to conceive possible solutions that may not have been previously considered.


Your Personal CPS Playbook

  • Every piece of equipment is shipped with a comprehensive owner's manual

  • Necessary documentation for your facility

  • Assistance is always available. We will always answer questions about your system, maintenance or replacement part

No worries. We’ve got your back.

Once you have a CPS® system in place, we are always just one phone call away. After quick-yet-intensive research and discussion, a member of the technical crew will return your call to discuss the issue one-on-one.

Our entire team stays in constant contact with you to ensure you have everything you need; from technical support to replacement components and anything else under the parts umbrella.

The replacement parts division also provides outstanding follow-up and support on an as-needed basis.

If you have questions, call Custom Powder Systems® at 417-868-8002.

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