Custom Powder Systems and Integrated Containment Systems Have An In-House Testing Clean Room

Clean Room Test Facility

So we have an in-house testing clean room…

Right now, you might be thinking, “Good for you. But what does that mean for me?”

Good question.

A cleanroom ensures a stable, low particulate background to measure down to the lowest threshold of detectability of your products. Whether your product is hazardous to humans, combustible, pyrophoric, a controlled substance, or you simply need a clean facility to handle your materials, our in-house cleanroom testing allows us to certify the barrier technology performance of your project before it leaves our facility. And all that extra planning and testing on the front end can save you time and money.

You DO like saving time and money, don’t you?

Oh, and if you’re wondering, we also perform blending and segregation tests, isolator surrogate testing, and deagglomeration demonstrations of hardened materials in our drum massagers.
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