This Middle America Company Helps You Fast

This Middle America Company Helps You Fast

“Unexpected twists and turns” has been the theme for 2020. Restaurants have had to turn almost inside-out to accommodate the sudden glut of carry-out orders. Car dealers are bringing cars to your home for a test drive. And our customers are quickly learning why we set up shop in Springfield, Missouri.

“Being a U.S. based company in Mid-America means we can get to just about any of our stateside clients within a day or two’s drive.”

Scott Heffern, Senior VP of Products at Custom-Powder Systems.

Recently, a company in Pennsylvania needed a field service person on-site for a three-day job, “and he simply hopped in the car and was able to take care of them.”

Nobody can be sure how long air travel will be limited, and American plants can’t wait for an overseas technician. Custom Powder is a “build-it-here/service-it-here” company. Each machine requires “a special set of skills” (with apologies to Liam Neeson), and knowing the engineers who designed it, and the field teams who installed it are “down the road” is becoming more and more important.

“I don’t believe you’re going to find another company in the United States with the breadth of the product line that we have in our industry,” according to Heffern. Custom Powder also uses primarily American suppliers, which means they haven’t run into the supply-chain issues other companies have.

We take the “Custom” part of our name pretty seriously, and it goes beyond just creative engineering. We customize the install, we customize the training on the equipment, and we customize the ongoing service so that your equipment does exactly what you need it to do.

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And since we’re just down the road a bit…what can we customize for you?

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