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cleaning systems
IBC Wash Station
Automating the cleaning process

CPS provides solutions to automate production equipment cleaning and assure/validate the repeatability of results that is not obtainable through manual washing. We evaluate every  application to address the unique cleaning system requirements of each piece whether it be a container we provided or existing equipment in your facility

IBC Washer Models

C7 Cleaning WASHSTATION 2 Medium
IBC Wash Station
CL A1 wash large A
Single Cabinet
Dual Cabinet with Conveyors
CL B1 C preview
Internal IBC Wash Station

Cleaning Systems Basic Features

The system is designed to invert one or two IBC(s) overspray nozzles for cleaning the interior and manway opening of the IBCs to be washed. The IBC(s) invert into a catchbasin to collect spent washing solutions and direct to the facility drain. The IBC(s) are inverted by a pair of cantilevered arms having grippers that inflate to secure the IBC for pickup. The IBC(s) is pivoted over the inverting axis to facilitate both the lifting and inverting movements needed to place the IBC(s) into the wash position. Control circuitry will verify that IBC(s) are in position for washing prior to the commencement of the wash cycle. The wash cycle sequence is configurable through a touchscreen operator interface allowing multiple recipes based on product type to be removed in the wash cycle.

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Here are download versions of product specifications and information.

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