CPS + MSHP: The Power of Positive Relationships

CPS + MSHP: The Power of Positive Relationships

At Custom Powder Systems, we understand the power of positive relationships. Sometimes, though, we’re surprised at how they start. We’ve been fortunate to build a lasting, meaningful relationship with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and it all began with a car crash.

You see, a few years ago, we asked the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) to come and visit us as part of our own Safety & Wellness Program. We’d heard that the Patrol had a crash simulation trailer that would demonstrate what it felt like to be in a car wreck. The good folks at the MSHP donated their time to come to Custom Powder, and as our way of saying thanks, we decided to make a pair of plaques to present to them.

We’re no strangers to unique requests here at Custom Powder. And, to be frank, we like using the tools in our shop. We had taken delivery of our first water jet machine, and we had a skilled operator who chose to go above and beyond by designing the plaques from scratch.


We were happy with the end result, and as luck would have it, those plaques were quite a hit. They gathered a lot of attention at the Patrol’s Christmas party, where they were given away as prizes. Soon after, we started seeing requests for other MSHP projects, and we were happy to help.

Over the years, it has been our privilege to work with the Patrol on their custom projects. It’s not only our way of giving back to those who serve our local communities, but it’s also a great way to develop lasting relationships. The Patrol’s requests have ranged from signs for their Communications department to a retirement plaque for Lt. Dan Bracker that you can see in the photo below. But none of those were as meaningful as being able to answer the call for a memorial wall project.


Back in 2015, the team from Troop D of the MSHP asked us to create some finishing touches for their memorial to fallen officers. We were proud to work with them to develop two MSHP emblems and signage for the wall that reads The Ultimate Sacrifice. Since then, the idea has spread and now there are Ultimate Sacrifice walls in other Troop offices around the state.


We were proud to play even a small part in honoring those who gave their all in the line of duty. But we were also humbled. When you work with companies from around the world, it’s nice to have a chance to do good at home.

While we’re pretty fond of the name Custom Powder Systems, we’re not afraid to take a step off the beaten path to help out a friend. Whatever your company’s needs, drop us a line. Let us develop a custom solution for you.

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